A kitten was born with eyes so big that he is unable to close them even when he is asleep, making him look constantly surprised - a bit like Kevin the cat.

Herman, who is 5 months old, lives with his loving pet parent in Copenhagen and acts just like any other cat.

However, his bulging eyes are so big that he can't close them completely, even when sleeping.

Herman, darling and droll

Herman, un chaton doux et drôle

Luckily for Shirley, his pet parent, little Herman snores, letting her know when the kitten is napping.

"The first time I met Herman, he immediately jumped into my arms and plonked himself on my shoulder. The choice for me was very easy.

Even though he was smaller than the others and looked different, I decided that we would be very happy together." Shirley explained.

As a kitten, Herman struggled to grow and to put on weight. He had to be hand-fed in order to ensure that he received enough nutrition. This made him very comfortable with humans. His pet parent says that he followed her around from room to room.

Herman, un chaton doux et drôle

"Since getting Herman, I no longer have any privacy. When I sleep, when I cook and even when I'm in the bathroom Herman is always in the vicinity," says Shirley.

"There's never any doubt as to when Herman wants attention because he miaows and taps me gently with his paw."

Herman, un chaton doux et drôle

Despite his unique appearance, Herman is like other cats in that he is happiest when playing with Shirley's shoelaces.

Internet Star

Herman, un chaton doux et drôle

The excentric-looking kitten is adored on the internet, and his followers on instagram have even nicknamed him 'Hermie'.

"Herman loves shoes. One day, I heard a strange noise. Herman got himself stuck in a shoe and was running around the house with a shoe on his head," laughs Shirley.

Herman is a special cat both because of his appearance and his loving nature.

Other cats born with large eyes are sometimes diagnosed with lens dislocation. Sometimes the lens detaches from the rest of the eye for no reason, which means that some cats suffering from this illness need to undergo an operation.

Have you ever seen an animal like Herman?

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    Al G So cute. He looks as silly as my steve