When it’s time for that interview that will determine if you get a place or not at university, you are bound to be nervous. In Scotland, a veterinarian university uses a rather unusual method to select the best candidates!

Selection Process

At this specific university, an incredible 400 people apply to be vets each year. Unfortunately there are only 30 places available at the school, so this means that the selection process is very important.

To measure their ability to cope with stress and to see the candidate’s response to an animal, the jury lets in three adorable labradors during their interviews.

Relaxed Environment

“Having a dog during the interview may help some nervous candidates to relax and also to realise if they are comfortable or not with animals.” Said the jury.

When you are relaxed and comfortable you can be yourself and it’s easier for the judges to see if you are the right person to choose. Therefore we think this is a great idea, what do you think of this initiative?

Source & Photo Credit: Le Figaro


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