In a trial launched in the US last week, ridesharing service Uber is offering a pet-friendly service for pet parents and their fur babes.

Dubbed Uber Pet, the latest offering from Uber allows riders across seven US cities to select a driver happy to receive passengers and their fur friends in their car.

Uber Pet welcomes (more) fur friends

Ridesharing service Uber already permits service dogs to travel with their companion across all its services. This aligns with both state and federal law and comes at no extra cost to the rider. However, the new trial will see a similar offering extended to all pet parents.

The difference? Using Uber Pet will incur an additional surcharge of between $3 and $5, depending on the city. Service dogs can still travel free of charge and can book across any of the ridesharing app's range of services.

Cities testing the new Uber Pet service include Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay.

Previously, Uber drivers could cancel a fare if a rider presented their pet on pick-up. To help ease tensions, riders were encouraged to contact their driver to notify them of any additional furry passenger. Despite the recommendations, it was decided that a pet-friendly service was indeed needed. After all, a driver would never know if they'd be left with fur or other unwanted surprises after a trip!

Similar pet-friendly services have already been launched in markets including Brazil and Mexico, as well as a handful of Asian nations. Last week's launch is the first trial in the US market.

Now with Uber Pet, drivers are automatically registered to offer Uber Pet rides, but they have the option to opt out of the service if they choose.

So, for the 38% of households with a dog and 25% of households with a cat, this new service should make travelling from point A to point B that much simpler.

Happy traveling fur friends!

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