Studies have been carried out, showing that dogs might be able to detect the smell of cancer cells in humans.

Who could have imagined the incredible experiment that takes place in California? Dr. Michael McColloch, his poodle Captain Jennings and four other dogs are working on a new technique for cancer detection. These five dogs (some of which were originally intended to become guide dogs for the blind) were first trained to identify breath samples of men and women diagnosed with lung cancer or breast cancer. They had to find these samples from a group of healthy samples. The results are amazing! In 99% of cases of lung cancer and 95% of cases of breast cancer, the dogs found the sample with cancers!

Des chiens capables de détecter le cancer ?

Following the success of the first study, Dr. McCulloch continued his work by engaging in the detection of breath samples of patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This cancer is one of the most deadly and unfortunately difficult to detect in advance. Hopefully the dogs trained by Dr. McCulloch will fix it!

Since then, many studies have focused on this subject. The results are always accurate and promising. Researchers are currently developing an electronic nose with the characteristics of the dogs nose in the hope of creating a new method for more reliable detection.

That's what I call being man's best friend!

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