You may never have imagined that maritime trade impacts marine life because of noise. Although we cannot hear it, the countless boats and ships that cross the ocean make a lot of noise.

Noise affects marine mammals

The noise ships and boats make underwater can seriously affect the communication between whales and dolphins as it reduces the distance at which they can hear each other. It's a noise they do not know and are very sensitive to, causes a lot of stress for the animals.

Working on the issue

The International Maritime Organization, the IMO, has decided to examine these issues by taking various measurements of the noise underwater from ships. They have been working on this issue since 2008. With their data captured they can make a full report on what should be done.


In their report the IMO recommends modifying the design of the boat propellers, which are too noisy at the moment. They also insist on reducing speed limitations, a practise which is called ‘slow steaming’, which allows the saving of fuel as well.  

Slowing the speed limit is the best solution for now, which could be brought in with immediate effect.

Source: IMO

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