Even though your little kitty knows how to clean themselves, here are some tips for grooming your cat.


If your cat has long hair, you should brush them every day. A tedious but essential task if you do not want to have to mow them with a lawnmower (just a joke)!

If your cat has short hair, a soft brush or comb once a week is enough.

A little tip: wash your cat with a white cloth, this way, if they have fleas, eggs or anything else, they will fall onto the fabric and you will be able to see them.

Baths: a nightmare for 90% of cats

Unfortunately, cats must take a bath from time to time...but never more than twice a year!

When washing your cat, beware of their claws and teeth!

The best place to wash your cat is in the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Put a mat at the bottom, run water at 39 degrees - a few inches is enough!

Mix a bit of mild shampoo for cats. Hold your cat firmly by the scruff of the neck and start to wet them gradually, trying to reassure them. Once thoroughly wet, rub their fur, then rinse thoroughly. Dry them with a large towel.

Finish by brushing them, and remember: do not use perfume, cats do not like strong smells!

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