Our pets are like children to us so it is only natural to have them in the house! Some however are a bit more restless than others and when you leave them at home alone, they end up destroying… everything! It's never ever pretty, is it?

So, for your reference, we've put together some of the typical home wreckers you'll know and love.

The Couch Destroyer

Cats like to claw at anything they can see, your couch is no exception! Leave them at home alone for too long and they end up in the couch. We have no idea how this cat managed to get inside with only his head sticking out!


The Homework Destroyer

Everyone can admit to at least once using their pet as an excuse for not having their homework at school. However when your dog really does tear your homework into pieces, what do you say? Who will believe you? We suggest taking a photo and using it as evidence!


The Newspaper Shredder

Be very careful when leaving newspaper around your pets when they are home alone, your house will end up looking like a dumpster. Maybe your dog thinks you will love his art work that he has left for you!


The Toilet Paper Destroyer

If your toilet paper is left to dangle just a little too close to the ground, you will have to give up that roll. This is the perfect toy for some cats and dogs and they will go for it if it is in their reach! Expect shredded toilet paper all over the place!


I Stole Christmas

A Christmas tree is the perfect toy for a dog or cat. Those dangling baubles and ornaments are just too much of a distraction! The branches at the bottom are in perfect reach for any animal, they will go and investigate if there is something to chew or play with. Just a warning, you could end up with your tree on its side!


While sometimes it’s necessary to leave your pets at home alone, make sure it’s not for too long, they do get very bored!

 Source: Bored Panda

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