The little kitten, Simone, knew that fate brought him and his best friend, a dog called Aragon, together!

Simone Wanders Aimlessly

Simone’s first few months were not easy; the little kitten had no family and walked around Athens, Greece, alone. She used to follow the dog Aragon and his owner as they walked around town, always keeping a safe distance!

Simone’s New Friends

One day, little Simone finally got the courage to go right up to the dog and his owner and their friendship was formed! Simone went home with them and she and Aragon are the best of friends. They spend their days playing, cuddling and being happy in each other’s company!

The two friends always find something to play with; whether it is a cardboard box, some string, pillows or tennis balls. Aragon is very patient with Simone - he even lets her climb all over him!

Up For Adoption

Unfortunately, Aragon’s family cannot afford to keep Simone. The 6-month-old kitten is on the adoption list at an animal shelter in Greece. We hope that Simone can be adopted by a loving family who live close to Aragon’s family! That way, the two can continue to be besties and play together!

Have a look at this adorable video of Simone and Aragon.

Would you adopt a cat that followed you home?

Source: The Dodo

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