This is the story of Colin, a dog who was born in Romania. Colin was found wandering, with his front legs severely damaged, by Diana Neascu, a Romanian activist who advocates for the protection of animals.

That's when she decided to start a fundraiser to buy two prostheses that will allow Colin to walk normally again.

Diana has managed to raise nearly 6000 pounds, a substantial sum that will allow Colin to be repatriated and operated on in England. You should know that the two prostheses cost 3000 pounds and were made specially for Colin.

There are approximately 100,000 stray dogs in Bucharest, but shelters only seem to keep the money for themselves. It is rarely used for food or medical care.

"It's so rewarding to see dogs who have been abused repatriated to loving families. It will take two or three weeks after he is equipped with his prostheses to run as before" concluded Diana.







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