Look at what this family did for their beloved bulldog, Igor, when they went on holiday!

Igor Is Part Of the Family

In Norway, a family was about to leave for their holiday to Thailand. Unfortunately they couldn’t take their pet dog, Igor, with them. They had to leave him at a kennel while they were away. Their beloved dog had never spent a night without his family!

The family felt too bad to leave their pet in a grey cage with strange people he didn’t know. They decided there was no way around sending him to the kennel, but they could make him more comfortable!

avant/après le relooking de la cage

Temporary Home

So before they left, dad turned his kennel into a replica of their living room to make him more comfortable. Everything was set up before Igor got there. When he was loaded into the car, he was upset and crying, but as soon as he saw his temporary home he was happy. Once the family had left, Igor couldn’t care less!

Igor had many friends over to play in his living room while at the kennels, making best friends for life! It was not only Igor who was surprised by the kennel, but the rest of the family too!

un bulldog comme chez lui

Watch the video of the surprise the family got!

Source: Life with dogs

Photo: Demotivateur

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