29 years at the helm - the ever popular Labrador retriever once again takes top spot in the American Kennel Club’s Most Popular Dog Breed list!

Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) releases its Most Popular Dog Breed registry list (for the US). Having just released the results for 2019, one dog breed simply continues its long reign at the top - the beautiful Labrador retriever!

The Labrador: AKC’s Most Popular Dog Breed

For a record-breaking 29 years, the Labrador retriever has taken the coveted title. It once again beat out other popular breeds including the German Shepherd (2nd), Golden Retriever (3rd), French Bulldog (4th), and Bulldog (5th). Most of those in the top 10 remained in the same spot from the year prior, with the exception of the Poodle and Beagle who traded places (6th and 7th respectively).

The movers and shakers

The biggest surprise for this last year was the addition of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which made it into the top 10 for the first time in the list’s history. Although the Queen of England no longer owns any of her beloved Corgi’s, do you think she could have had something to do with the rise of the breed’s popularity? Either way, we’re not surprised this one has become so popular!

The Icelandic Sheepdog was another impressive list jumper, moving an impressive 24 spots up the list from last year.

The previous top-spot placeholder some 29 years ago was held by the loving and affectionate Cocker Spaniel. And while still just as beautiful (let’s face it, all dogs are!), Cockers come in at number 28 on the list.

The AKC generates the list based on new registrations for pure breeds from the year prior. The list comprises 193 breeds, with the English Foxhound rounding out the list’s entries.

Although Labs hold the number one spot across the US, the French Bulldog topped the list for Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Palm Beach (Florida). In fact, the Frenchie took out the most popular city-dwelling breed, being ideal companions for apartment dwellers.

The AKC’s top 20

Rounding out the top 20 most popular dog breeds in the USA are:

  1. Labrador Retrievers
  2. German Shepherds
  3. Golden Retrievers
  4. French Bulldogs
  5. Bulldogs
  6. Poodles
  7. Beagles
  8. Rottweilers
  9. German Shorthaired Pointers
  10. Pembroke Welsh Corgis
  11. Dachshunds
  12. Yorkshire Terriers
  13. Australian Shepherds
  14. Boxers
  15. Siberian Huskies
  16. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  17. Great Danes
  18. Miniature Schnauzers
  19. Doberman Pinschers
  20. Shih Tzu

Why do registration statistics like these matter?

According to the AKC website, registration statistics matter as they are “not only beneficial for your dog, but for dogs everywhere. The American Kennel Club and its affiliates have donated over $38 million to canine health research and $7 million to pet disaster relief.”

The website also states: “Additionally, the AKC is the only purebred dog registry in the United States that maintains a systematic and sustained investigation and inspection effort. The AKC conducts thousands of inspections each year to ensure compliance with standards that support the health, safety, and welfare of dogs and the environments in which they live.”

See here for the complete AKC’s Most Popular Dog Breed list.

Little girl hugging labrador retriever

Where on the list does your pure breed fall?

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