It appears to have been a challenging year for the Queen after losing her beloved corgi Willow, and now farewelling Whisper, the last remaining corgi in the royal household.

Last April, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, farewelled the last of her surviving Royal corgis, Willow. Willow was a descendent of Susan, Queen Elizabeth II's first corgi given to her by her father on her 18th birthday.

Now, the Queen of England has said farewell to the last of her remaining corgis, ending the nearly century-long love affair with the dogs, and for which were synonymous with the Queen.

Whisper was 12 years old.

Whisper adopted by the Queen

In 2016, Whisper's former owner, Bill Fenwick passed away. Mr Fenwick was a gamekeeper at the monarch's country retreat, Sandringham House in Norfolk. His wife, known as the "keeper of the Queen's corgis" would look after the dogs while the Queen was away on royal tours.

Having known Whisper through her stays at Sandringham, the Queen decided to take the sweet-natured Pembroke Welsh Corgi under her wing.

The two quickly became close with Whisper seen trotting alongside the monarch from room to room at Buckingham Palace, even attending meetings with various dignitaries.

It has been reported that the Queen was deeply saddened by the loss of her faithful friend.

A lover of Corgis since 1933

The Queen's love of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has seen her own more than 30 of the breed since her 18th birthday (she has been surrounded by corgis since she was six years old). In fact, several generations of the Queen's beloved Susan were bred by the monarch.

It has been said that the Queen's dogs are allowed free roam of Buckingham Palace and all misbehaviours are forgiven by the monarch. Such is the Queen's love for the animal, they are even immortalised in paintings with the sovereign.

In more recent times, it has been reported that the Queen would not adopt any additional dogs to replace those that had died as she did not want to leave them behind when she dies.

The queen remains in the company of her two dorgies, Candy and Vulcan. They were bred from one of the Queen's corgis and a dachshund named Pipkin belonging to her sister Princess Margaret.

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