A family in Florida welcomed a cat into their home, not knowing that she was pregnant...

A pregnant cat

Tink, the cat had been abandoned by her family. She was therefore looked after by a new family where she gave birth under the Christmas tree - a beautiful gift!

"If we hadn't taken her home, she would definitely be dead. She was all boney..." explained the daughter of the family, 17 year-old Danielle Lopez.

 chatte mise-bas

A beautiful family

The family didn't know that the cat was going to give birth. But when Danielle went into the living room, she realised that Tink was giving birth to beautiful kittens.

The four kittens were named "Noel, Joy, Christmas et Faith". A fifth, however, did not survive...

These four kittens had the luck to be able to be born to a loving family. We hope that they have a beautiful holiday season with their mother and family, and that they all find loving homes that can adopt them.

chatte mise-bas

Source : We love cats and kittens

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    Caroline F Thank you so much family for bringing this homeless female into your lives. I especially like how you named all the babies with Christmas like and faith based names; such a beautiful touch. I also hope karma pays a visit to the family that dumped this beautiful fur baby with all her kittens, in spades!!