Sled dogs are often used for, obviously, pulling sleds, be they for pleasure or competing.

Intelligent, sporty and with a high stamina, sled dogs have a very strong relationship with their master musher. Resistant to the cold and brimming with energy, they enjoy expending their energy on long, snowy walks.

Sled dog breeds 

The Alaskan Malamute 

chien malamute

This Alaskan breed is a powerful and and energetic one.

Sociable and gentle, this breed shows strong loyalty to their master. Long-used as a sled dog, they are however less used in competitions because of their weight and comparably weaker speed. This dog needs a very strict education in order to dominate their strong personality.

The Samoyed 

samoyede neige

The Samoyed comes from the Samoyed tribe in Lapland. Long used either as a guard or shepherd dog, they are however, very strong sled dogs. Obedient, receptive and autonomous, the Samoyed does not enjoy solitude. They are also sought after for their speed and lightness of food.

The Siberian Husky

chien husky neige

The Siberian Husky comes from the Chukchi clan in the north of Siberia, hence the name.

Known for their hunting instinct as well as flair, the Siberian Husky is capable of tracking an animal by their scent for long periods. Siberian Huskies have a strong need to expend their boundless energy, which can make them run away. They like living in company and often try to gain the role of leader of the group.

The Greenland Dog

chien traineau groenlandais

The Greenland dog comes from the Inuit people of Greenland. Reputed to be a robust dog that can withstand cold temperatures, they are sought after for exploration. Sporty and powerful, the Greenland dog needs to expend their energy with very long walks.

The Greenland dog is a dog that needs a lot of authority in order to be channelled. They are also very loyal and sociable with their pet parent.

Did you know these sled dog breeds?

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