Julianna is waiting for a very special arrival, and her dog Penelope is already very happy with the little life that will soon be born.

For Penelope the dog, there was no time to waste in creating the bond between her and her little sister. She is already even trying to communicate with her!

A communication of tenderness

This story takes place in Brazil. During this adorable video, Julianna couldn’t wait to film her dogs behaviour while she was sitting on her lap. In this video, we can see Penelope rubbing her head softly against her owners stomach and trying to communicate with the unborn baby. It is as if she is trying to express her love even if she has not met her properly yet. It also shows the dogs willingness to protect her owner no matter what happens. She pats her paw softly on her owners stomach, as she knows exactly what is growing inside. She then seems to place her head against her, trying to listen to what is going on, and rubs her nose against Julianna.

This video has received more than 16,000 comments. A truly adorable scene that has moved everyone here at Yummypets!

Dogs, our protecters

It is very well known that dogs feel a number of things towards their owners. Our companions are capable of sensing changes in men, woman, illnesses, but also hormones in the body, at a level which is imperceptible to humans.

They have a natural protective instinct towards their owners, and this behaviour becomes even stronger when their owners are soon going to give birth to a new life. This says a lot about the loyalty and the undying love of our dogs.

Have your animals ever had this type of reaction while you or your partner was pregnant? Share your stories in the comments!

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