German researchers have developed a drone that is capable of detecting the heat of an animal and colour patterns, day and night. This is to protect many innocent deers from farm machinery!

Protection From Predators

In order to protect themselves and their fawn from predators, deers hide themselves in agricultural fields, where they are not easily detected. This is usually under farming equipment where they will not be seen and in the long grass close to the forests.

Unfortunately when the farmers harvest their crops, it is too late for the animals. This has become a big problem as more than 100, 000 deer are killed every year due to mowing machinery.

The Drones

To solve this problem, the German government has funded about € 2.5 million for five drones. These drones should be able to identify animals hidden amongst machinery through body heat scanners and colour patterns and then equip them with tags.

The tags should then emit a warning signal to the farmer whenever the animal is in his harvest field. It is a very traumatic experience for the farmers and their workers to find shredded deer amongst the grass as well.

Many farmers have tried to take matters into their own hands by bringing along dogs or other hand-held devices to find the fawns before they start cutting their grass. This is a great idea to save the deer!

Source & Photo: 20 minutes – Pixabay

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