If you give your cat tuna, you may not know that in the long run, tuna can kill your pet!

 Indeed, canned tuna found in stores contain too much salt for your pet. You can find special canned tuna in pet stores or at your vet.

The salt in these proportions can then create health problems such as cystitis, and a deterioration of your cat's kidneys. In high doses, it can also cause heart problems, and even death in certain cases...

Rinse the tuna before giving it to your cat. The best thing is to let it soak at least 30 minutes in warm water, then rinse before giving it. It is important to never give your cat the oil or juice from the can. Olive oil is good for your pets but only in small doses.

Cats need to ingest taurine, an amino acid essential for the proper functioning of the heart and the eyes.  Canned tuna does not contain taurine, and thus your cat may develop heart problems. If your cat loves tuna, make sure to give them veterinary products, enriched with taurine such as Almo Nature products.

This also applies to sardines, shrimp, crab meat and all boxes containing shellfish or fish that you can find in supermarkets.

This kind of industrial food is for humans and not for pets. When you know it's bad for our health, imagine how bad it is for a cat...

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