Typhus is a disease that can be fatal for cats, particularly for kittens that haven't been vaccinated.

Typhus being one of the more serious diseases that a cat can catch, vaccinations are highly recommended to prevent transmission to your cat. This vicious diseases particularly affects kittens, but also adult cats that haven't been vaccinated.

What is typhus?

Typhus is a disease sometimes called feline panleucopenia from the parvovirus family. It is a very contagious disease in cats and is very resistant. Typhus presents with violent hemorrhaging diarrhea and also includes an attack on the bone marrow cells, which can prove fatal.

How can my cat catch typhus?

If your cat has not been vaccinated, they are vulnerable to typhus. They can catch it by associating with other vulnerable cats:


Everyone knows that cats lick each other a lot. It is a frequent act that is normal behaviour between cats who are friendly. Mutual licking can therefore increase the risk of passing on infectious diseases.

During a cat fight

Cats fight each other regularly in order to defend their territory during mating season. The transmission of typhus can therefore be very quickly accomplished if the cats aren't vaccinated.

Through contact with excrement

Dominant cats don't cover up their excrement outside like indoor cats do. It is their way of marking their territory. However, the typhus virus is very resistant and therefore can contaminate any cat who comes into contact with it.

The symptoms of typhus

You will not immediately be able to tell that your cat has contracted typhus. In fact, the disease can only be detected after 4 days, after which vomiting, diarrhea and a fever will make it all too clear.

It is also possible that your cat loses their appetite. If you notice these symptoms, keep your cat hydrated and consult a veterinary. A blood sample will be taken in order to detect the drop in white blood cell count.

If your cat contracts typhus during a pregnancy, the kittens will also be affected. They will develop lesions that you will notice when they grow, and will be unable to move.

Preventing typhus

In order to avoid contamination, it is strongly recommended to vaccinate your cat. The vaccination can be completed by your veterinary, who will give them two injections a month apart. You can vaccinate your cat from the age of two months.

Being prepared and vaccinating your cat will prevent your cat from suffering, and possibly dying.

Have you vaccinated your cat?

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