If we love certain foods, they can be extremely toxic to dogs.

Here are the 5 foods to keep out of reach of dogs.

1 . Chocolate

We can not emphasise enough that chocolate is a deadly poison for dogs (and others) ! The theobromine it contains can cause infection.

2. Sweets, chewing gum, baked goods: Xylitol


This artificial sweetener is present in candies, sugarless chewing gum and some baked goods. When consumed by a dog even in very small quantities, it causes severe hypoglycemia. Your dog will look very weak and disoriented. They may also vomit and have convulsions that can be fatal to them. Keep your dog away from chewing gum and watch for the word "Xylitol", sometimes replaced with " E967 " on your labels.

If your dog has consumed Xylitol, take them to the vet quickly to control their blood sugar levels.

3 . Onion , leeks and garlic


Onions and leeks contain disulfide and allyl propyl, which are very harmful to dogs. It prematurely destroys the red blood cells. Poisoning can occur by ingestion of a large amount, and if ingested in small amounts repeatedly. Garlic contains thiosulfate which is also toxic.

This poisoning is difficult to spot. However, react if your pet has short breath, and evidence of a lack of red blood cells.

4 . Alcohol


If your dog consumes a small amount of alcohol , they may become confused, nervous and aggressive. A larger amount may affect the nervous system , heart rate and kill the animal.

Warning: your dog can ingest alcohol directly or with alcoholic desserts. Also, be aware that if they eat raw dough containing yeast , alcohol will develop directly in their stomach.

5. Grapes


Grapes in dogs cause kidney failure, manifested by an increase of urination. Beware also of raisins that cause the same problems and are present in many pastries.

In case of doubt, call your local poison center or your veterinarian.

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