When you become a pet parent, it changes your life in the most beautiful way, and somedays you really want to share that love with the hole world! Well thanks to BumperPet, you can!

BumperPet makes the cutest accessories for pet parents, and almost all of their products are customizable to match your dog's breed!


My name is Niki Crowe and I am the designer/founder of Bumperpet. I have been working in the printing industry for about 5 years and had always dreamed of printing my own designs.

In early 2012 I inadvertently became a pet parent after a classic case of foster failing. My fiance was not sold on the idea of adopting a dog so I suggested we foster. After a poor experience with a 100 pound mastiff puppy he was less than pleased. The rescue group called me up one morning after that debacle and told me there was a 35 pound female pitbull about to be put down and if I could take her in for a day or two it would literally save her life.

[caption id="attachment_6122" align="aligncenter" width="386"]BIG_MUTTS__00435.1355450477.386.513 I LIKE BIG MUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE PILLOW[/caption]

Within 5 minutes I was in love and within 24 hours I had signed the adoption papers. I then became the proud parent of a tiny blue nosed pitbull name Samsquanch with badly cropped ears and the longest nipples you ever seen. Seriously. They can be a little off-putting but I always say she would be too good looking if it weren't for those.

Like most pet owners I became completely obsessed but I was having problems finding cool products for pet lovers. That is what lead me to create Bumperpet. Originally it was only bumper stickers, thus the name, but it eventually grew into a full line of t-shirts, pillows, magnets and more.

[caption id="attachment_6121" align="aligncenter" width="220"]PRINT__83818.1358352625.1280.1280 DESIGN A CUSTOM 8"X10" TYPOGRAPHIC PET PRINT[/caption]

From the beginning it was incredibly important to give back to rescue organizations. Bumperpet currently gives 5% of all sales to charity and we regularly work with rescues directly to help them find creative ways to fund-raise. We even open "mini-stores" on our site where we sell products for the rescues and then give them the profits.

[caption id="attachment_6120" align="aligncenter" width="386"]Punish_the_Deed__42585.1343406888.386.513 PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED T-SHIRT - 4 SHIRT COLORS[/caption]

I had never owned a business before but the journey has been incredibly rewarding. In the beginning I had no idea about managing employees, filling orders and all the boring business stuff like taxes and insurance. The driving factor for me was always how much fun it is to design and develop new products. When I was getting ready to launch our hand-made typographic pillows I don't think I slept for a week because I was so excited.

I'm always pumped to wake up and get to work because I know that with every sale I'm able to give back to something important. I would love it if every Samsquanch could find their forever home.

You can discover BumperPet on Yummypets here!

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