Jonathan, the tortoise, is said to be the world’s oldest living land creature, who is an incredible 183-years-old!

Jonathan’s Home

He has been living on the island on St Helena, which is British territory, since 1882, where he was said to have been a mature tortoise of 50 years old. It is thought that the tortoise had been shipped in from the Seychelles.


Anyone Can Visit

Jonathan lives in the paddock of the Plantation House, where the British governor lives. There is a viewing corridor available for visitors who want to see him.  He was named after Jonathan Hollins, the island senior vet, who feeds him salad every Sunday.


Getting Old

Jonathan doesn’t move much anymore, as old age is catching up to him. Born in 1832, the tortoise has outlived all of his human companions, even living through two world wars and numerous world events.


May you have many more birthdays, Jonathan!

Source: The Telegraph

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