A cow and her calf managed to escape from a truck that was driving them to the slaughter house in France. The carrier immediately called for help when he saw that the cow and her calf had fled in the opposite direction on the road.

A Confused Cow

The police arrived and could quickly control the young calf. The cow was not so easily caught and in the confusion charged a young woman and smashed the hood of her car.

The cow was then caught in the middle of the police officers who started firing bullets. A total of 70 bullets were fired at the cow, and according to the police the bullets didn’t pierce the cow. It seems like a ridiculous number!

Out of Control 

The police said that the amount of bullets were necessary to neutralise the animal, who was out of control and threatening other people.

Most people would agree that other means could have been used, for example anaesthesia. This is done with a specially designed gun and causes no stress to the animal. A vet could have been called out to help in this situation.

Different associations for the protection of animals have complained about this situation to the Attorney of Charleville with the National Society of Animal Welfare for cruelty.

Source: Express

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