The month of February has passed by and with it, our three photo competition themes. So many of you participated in our different categories: 'My dog is a star', 'My cat rubs themselves against my legs,' and 'My pet is celebrating Valentine's Day.'

And here are the results of the categories!

My dog is a star - avec Odog

As a prize for this category, our partner Odog offered 5 personalise-able collars.

The winners by vote were:

In first postition, Sally with 327 votes. Congratulations!

chien casquette

In second place, we have Izie with 220 votes. Congrats!

chien bouledogue français

And in 3rd position, we have James and Zoé with 194 votes. Congratulations!

chien guitare

The two other winners were hand-picked by our friends at Odog themselves:

Congratulations Filou !

golden chapeau lunettes

And congratulations Junior !

junior the bulldog

My cat rubs themselves against my legs - with FELIWAY®

For this category, our friends at FELIWAY® offered 2 Starter packs.

The winner by popular vote was Lena et Marko of Homega with 297 votes. Congrats!

maine coon

And the Yummypets team picked this photo of Lylou. Well done!

chat tabby

My pet is celebrating Valentine's Day - with Cheerz

In this category, 2 Cheerz Polas Boxes were up for grabs.

The winner by vote was Gabrielle Rockstar with 293 votes. Well done!

chat noir rose

The Yummypets team chose the photo of Sacreliptonandmilka. Congrats!

sacré de birmanie

Thank you and well done to all of the participants. Once again, you made choosing very hard for the team. We'd also like to thank all our lovely partners for our special prizes! We hope you enjoyed this photo contest and we hope you enter into the March competitions!

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