Tying the leash? Identifying the dog? What is exactly the point of a dog’s collar?

Discover all about the collar and choose the one that will best suit your pet!

Functions of a collar

The first obvious feature of a collar is notifying that an animal is not a stray one. With a tag, the collar can also be used to identify your animal in case they run away. The collar is also a tool for dog training: with a leash, you will teach your dog to heel. Finally, the last function of the collar is to signify to your dog they are part of your pack and you are the master.

For all these reasons, it is essential to get your dog used to wearing a collar at young age. You can buy collars suitable for puppies. Most of the time in nylon, they are light, easy to use and cheap. Note that you will need to change your puppy’s collar several times until they reach their adult size.

How to choose my dog’s collar?

Your dog has finally reached their adult size? It is now time to get them a permanent collar.

Nylon collars


Convenient, affordable and solid, nylon collars are also suitable for adult dogs. They resist moisture, wear and tear. To offer your pet maximal comfort, you can pick one with foam padding. Choose preferably a design with a metal buckle rather than a plastic clip, which are less solid and therefore less reliable. You can find basic designs or very fancy ones, even some you can custom.

Leather collars


Because they are elegant, owners often choose leather collars. If you want to take advantages of the well-known leather’s strength, you must choose a high quality collar. A poor quality leather collar may deteriorate due to moisture and break suddenly. Plus, some dogs are allergic to leather and may suffer from itching and burning all around their neck.

Fancy collars


Heavier than nylon, fancy collars are often weaker and more expensive. However, some brands try to combine material’s comfort (nylon or leather) and aesthetic to offer resistant, practical and pretty collars.

Pressure point collars


This kind of training collar uses fear and pain to make the dog obey. Dated, pressure point collars are controversial. Note that today, training methods that do not use punishment, such as positive reinforcement, have emerged and are just as effective.

Bark control collars


By sending your dog an unpleasant spray or an electric pulse, these collars are designed to make dogs stop barking. They are used on dogs that have not received enough education. Although supposedly painless, these collars are criticized as well as pressure point collars.

Choke Collars


Used on large and heavy dogs, the choke or semi-choke collar will tighten around the pet’s neck if they pull their leash. Like the previous two collars, choke collar is obsolete and does not correspond to current training methods that exclude punishment.

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