It's the last thing we like to thing of - what will happen to my dog if I die before them? Now a company looks after them when you're gone!

Brenda Collier, a lawyer in Austin, Texas, whose family recently rescued seven cats and dogs before they died, didn't want to think about it either. This was until the day that one of her friend died of cancer and her friend was put into a shelter although her family had promised to look after him.

"I realised that there was no service that connected people with shelters to rehome their animals if they passed away or had an accident that prevented them from looking after them," said Brenda.

The next day, Brenda launched PetNet.

A company for looking after your pet

Une société s'occupe de la garde de votre chien après votre mort

PetNet is an organisation that doesn't only look after dogs and cats. There are two services available according to your age and needs.

The first service is a subscription that costs $15 a month or $162 a year. The payment assures that in case of death, your animal will be taken in by a PetNet certified shelter and then rehomed in a new loving family.

PetNet takes care of your pet until the end

These tarifs are available for clients under the age of 55. The price is slightly more for the elderly and it is impossible to have this tariff if you are older than 67.

Older people, or those who need to find a new home quickly, because of a divorce, for example, have another option. For $750 you can have your animal immediately rehomed.

PetNet's agreement with the shelters ensures that the animals will not be put down for non-medical reasons. This contract also promises that if the animal needs to be rehomed a second time, PetNet will find a new home.

What do you think of this kind of service?

source : barkpost

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