Life is a succession of first time experiences, some more pleasant than others. Much like the first day at school or the first time at the dentist. Here are 10 great first experiences for these pets!

Pets and humans, especially babies, share some very similar first time experiences. The best part - us humans get to enjoy those reactions as we watch our children grow. The same goes for our pets, and there can be some very entertaining responses. All it takes it a set of eyes and even a camera to capture the moment!

Here are the reactions of 10 pets who all experience new things for the first time!

#1 First time seeing a kangaroo

Apparently, impressed!

première fois animaux rencontre kangourou

#2 First experience of kittens

Intruder alert!

première fois animaux rencontre chatons

#3 First time in the snow

What is this stuff?!

premières fois chat neige

#4 First time hearing a vacuum cleaner

Run for cover!

première fois chat aspirateur

#5 First time meeting the newbie

How could you not tell me?!

première rencontre chat bébé

#6 First time sleeping in a warm house


première fois chien labrador

#7 First time in the open air!

Scary, but definitely worth it!

chat première fois dehors

#8 First time discovering the snow

Om nom nom, mine!

ourson polaire neige

#9 First time spotting a Christmas tree

Those starry eyes!

chat sapin de noël

#10 First time appearing in TV interview

"Relax, just act natural."

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Have you captured any of your pet's 'first times'? Share with us in the comments below!

Source and photos: Bored Panda

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