Our pets are cute, playful, funny, loyal, loving, affectionate, and cheeky. Sometimes very cheeky! They certainly like to keep us on our toes. Even when it comes to going to the vets...

Strange trips to the vet

The story of Sullivan and his tactics for getting extra affection from dad went viral in 2017. It caught the attention of Twitter and Facebook users alike for the hilarity of his genius (you can call it that really!).

Inspired by the story, Yummypets has collected some of the funniest stories from people around the world who acted responsibly by taking their pet the vets in their time of need… or at least so their parents thought!

#1 This dog had been helping himself to more than he was allowed…

#2 He knows he's king

#3 Let's all go to the pool!

#4 Not the most helpful vet out there

#5 Toilet time!

#6 Even horses are in on the secret...

#7 Cookies please!

#8 That is one excitable little dog

#9 A few too many people identified with this one…

Have you ever heard of a pet faking sickness? Tell us in the comments!

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