It’s not uncommon to see a young child with a “security blanket”, or a cat or dog with their favourite soft toy. But this cat went for a slightly different option. She chose a tiny, hand-me-down pillow.

Belle received her tiny "security blanket" from her vet. Since then, she's barely seen without it.

She carries the pillow from room to room, almost like it's her own kitten.

Belle’s introduction to her family and her "security blanket"

Little Belle was just eight weeks old when she joined the Gaber family in their North Dakota home. Mum Katie couldn’t help but fall in love with how clingy Belle was.

“We knew she was the cat for us when she clung to us, not wanting us to let her go,” Gaber told The Dodo.

It seems those roles were switched when Belle was introduced to her teeny-tiny, red and white pillow.

At the vets to be spayed, Belle was give the tiny terrycloth pillow as a form of “security blanket” for her surgery.

“After we picked her up, the vet gave us the pillow and told us that she really liked it and thought we should keep it for her,” Katie said. “Since then, she has carried the pillow wherever she goes.”

“She mostly carries it around in her mouth to wherever she's headed, or she will put it between her paws and kick at it and bite it.”

She even falls asleep on it, her head resting on the tiny square much like a human’s on a pillow.

A “security blanket” for the past and present

The family is unsure why Belle loves the pillow so much, although Katie feels it probably has a lot to do with its texture and it being a source of consistent comfort throughout much of her life.

“My mom likes to believe it makes her think of her mother in some way, and that's why she finds some comfort in it.”

Either way, it seems Belle won’t be weening from her "security blanket" anytime soon.

Source: The Dodo

Images: Katie Gaber

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