The beautiful little Komari was found when she was just 5 months old, abandoned by her mother or former family. Luckily she found a new home quickly with her five new ferret brothers!

Komari’s New Family

Komari the kitten was found by her new family who adopted her without thinking twice. They nursed her back to health with a lot of love and care and she took to her new family very quickly!

The family who adopted Komari own five male ferrets, who also took to the kitten right away. She does everything with her new brothers, including acting just like them!


Komari the Ferret

Komari loves to take naps with her brothers, giving them a cuddle at the same time. She likes to eat with them, take baths with them and play time is a real treat for them all!


Have a look at the pictures of Komari and her ferret brothers, they are just too precious!

Source: Bored Panda

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