Chester, the adorable Scottish Fold kitten, went missing for a month after the airline, Air Canada, lost him.

Chester Gets Adopted

Chester was born on a breeding farm in Montreal, Canada. He was soon adopted and was supposed to meet his new family in Vancouver, which is 3 000 km away. The easiest way to get the kitten to the family was for him to fly there.

Chester Goes Missing

Air Canada, the airline who was responsible for Chester’s journey, noticed his cage was empty before the plane took off. He was missing. Unfortunately his new family was eagerly awaiting him at the airport in Vancouver but Chester never arrived.

After being very worried, his new owners launched a Facebook page to help find him. After about a month, he was brought to a vet clinic near the airport. Nobody knew how Chester had survived on his own for that long!

The Final Journey

After some food, rest and TLC, Chester finally got onto his flight to Vancouver. This time, he flew first class!

Photo Credit: Chester’s Facebook page

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