In recent weeks, you might have noticed a bunch of videos circulating on social media with the hashtag #whatthefluff. So you're asking, what the fluff is that?! Well, let's take a look!

'What the Fluff' challenge

Everyone loves a great animal video, especially when it involves entertaining reactions from our pets. It seems the 'What the Fluff' challenge checks every box when it comes to animal videos!

Hundreds of videos have been published online in recent weeks by dog ​​owners from all over the world since the first 'What the Fluff' video went viral in mid-June.

The term, 'What the Fluff', derives from the English expression 'What the f**k' and the word 'fluff' - fluff in this case being a softer, more endearing and pet-friendly version of its more impactful descendent.

How it works

The notion of the challenge is quite simple: perform a 'magic trick' in which you 'disappear' behind a bed sheet in front of your pet.

Rational humans can read between the lines here, and we'll tell you that it's all about a strategically placed sheet (next to a nifty doorway for which to 'escape' through) and a perfectly-timed drop and run. Oh, and a less rational-thinking pooch...

The 'What the Fluff' challenge appears to have begun in the UK with a woman and her Siberian husky named Jax. Thanks to the adorably confused reaction of Jax, the video went viral and began a chain of 'What the Fluff' videos online. Well known French YouTuber Squeezie also uploaded a version with his dog Natsu.

Priceless reactions

Some of the dogs' reactions have been priceless, with many appearing to believe their owner has simply vanished.

The success of the challenge even inspired cat owners to perform the 'trick' on their four-legged fur friends. And while there were a few hilarious reactions (see last video below), I think it's fair to say most of the cats, well, just didn't care...

Check out some of the videos below and give it a try yourself for a lol!

Where it all began

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