You must have all heard of Choupette Lagerfeld? She is the famous cat who belongs to Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion legend! The Burmese cat has been chosen by Japanese cosmetic brand, Shu Uemura, as their muse.

Successful Collaborations 

Karl Lagerfeld has been using the brand for over 20 years. According to him, it is the only brand that uses beautiful colours. After a successful holiday collaboration with Choupette’s father two years ago, they knew they couldn’t go wrong with developing a collection inspired by the famous cat.

The Sophisticated Feline

The company’s international artistic director is a personal friend of the Lagerfelds. He says that Choupette has two nannies and never eats off the floor! It was an unusual challenge for him to create products resembling such a sophisticated feline.

“She’s a cat and she’s a real girl. So what kind of facial features does she have? I used my imagination. I also imagined her like a model,” said the director.

The Products

17 different cosmetic products have been created with Choupette as inspiration, including the brand’s luxury lashes. They are embellished with pink tufts of fur and tiny rhinestones. We bet Choupette would approve!

Choupette, égérie des cosmétiques Shu Uemura

Source: Vogue

Photo: nsmbl

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