Ura, the Scottish Fold cat from Japan, is the latest internet sensation!  This beautiful cat has snow-white fur with yellow/gold eyes. Ura knows that she is beautiful and really dislikes being a human’s pet!

Grumpy Cat

Cats generally think that they are better than us humans and Ura shows us how they really feel. In her photos she gives looks that kill - grumpy is an understatement! She looks like she is busy planning a murder in that beautiful head of hers.


The Older Lady

You would never guess that Ura is 17 years old and that the grumpy older cat is suffering from kidney failure, which could also be contributing to her grumpiness. She needs a lot of rest and hates it when her naps are interrupted!


No Fuss Allowed

The photos of Ura are just hilarious; she is permanently scowling. She has the same expression in every photo, telling us she hates her photoshoots. She is not a fan of petting, and sits absolutely still as her owner pets and touches her!

The worst is when she gets dressed up, Ura looks like she cannot stand it! In one photo her eyes are narrowed to slits and she sits absolutely still!

If only cats could talk…

Source: metro.co.uk

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