The very brave one-and-a-half year old cat Nalle, also known as Shivatazz Polar Bear, has been getting a lot of attention lately because he prevented a fire in his home from an overheating phone charger!

The Incident

Nalle’s owner, Annie Navefors, 23, was asleep when Nalle prodded her to wake her up. Annie got a bit annoyed and before she turned around to go back to sleep, she smelled burning plastic. She saw smoke coming from her cell phone charger and was awake immediately. Thanks to her pet cat, she prevented a fire that could have destroyed everything.

“I work in nursing and several of the people I care for have bought every paper Nalle has featured in and watched him when he’s been on TV. It’s great to see him lighting up other people’s lives as well and not just mine,” said Annie.


Nalle, the Celebrity

Nalle has become a celebrity since the event; the story was all over social media and the Swedish news. He has even received many new toys and food to try out! Nalle will be receiving winnings from broadcaster SVT which includes a diploma and a beautiful collar! Annie says when they receive these, they will celebrate Nalle.

Safety First

After the incident, Annie has been more careful with her charger. She checks it regularly to see if it is too hot and never charges her phone at night anymore! Thanks to Nalle, we will all be a bit more careful in the future!


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