Temperatures are dropping in Europe, even as far south as Sicily. To help keep the local stray dogs warm, furniture giant IKEA is doing their bit!

An IKEA store in the city of Catania has opened its doors to protect stray dogs from the cold and everyone is loving it!

A heartfelt gesture for stray dogs

With the sudden drop in temperatures, Ikea has decided to open its doors to accommodate stray dogs. Many canines have taken refuge there and are currently enjoying the comfort of the carpets and other furniture available in the exhibition area of the store.

The initiative came from the employees who happen to be big animal lovers. The clients seemed very happy about it and shared this beautiful gesture on social media. The brand "IKEA" still hasn't spoken or announced anything to do with their kind actions.

One client posted on Instagram: "This is really, really lovely from you, providing shelter to the homeless street dog! I didn't expect that!! That's just awesome!! #faithinhumanity".

What do you think of this heartwarming gesture?

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