Today’s beautiful story comes from New Hampshire, United States, where Jamie Carpentier and his dog Ginger, a Basset Hound, were reunited after 10 years.

Jamie was separated from his dog Ginger when he and his ex-wife got divorced. Little did he know that he would be reunited with Ginger 10 years later!

Separated for 10 years

When Jamie and his ex-wife got divorced, he was separated from his dog Ginger. Soon after the divorce, Jamie's ex-wife gave the basset hound to the Nashuar shelter, where she was then quickly adopted by an older couple. Unfortunately, 10 years later, the couple returned Ginger to the shelter as they were unable to care for her any longer.

Reunited after 10 years

One day, Jamie found himself browsing the Humane Society of Greater Nashua’s website. Not intending to adopt any pets, he was shocked to come across a listing of a 13-year-old basset hound named Ginger.

There were no photos of her but he immediately recognised her description: "I have the longest ears and the biggest heart of any dog you will ever meet! I am an older girl, but I still have a lot of spunk left."

Wanting to know if it was his Ginger, Jamie emailed the Humane Society to ask for a photo of the dog. After comparing the shelter's photos with his old puppy pictures of Ginger, he noticed that the markings on her fur were exactly the same. It really was his Ginger!

When he went to fetch her, Ginger instantly recognised her first owner. Even though Jamie promised himself not to adopt a dog ever again, he just couldn’t leave without Ginger and so he, his fiancée and daughter adopted Ginger there and then.

Got to love happy endings!

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