Make a difference in a furry friend's life this December by clicking to help animal welfare organizations receive free pet food. All four organizations that participated last month reached 100% of the clicks they needed and will soon be receiving 110 lb of kibble!

We have great news! For the past few years, 110 lb of kibble was donated to the organizations that succeeded in reaching 100%. This month, we decided to raise the goal to 165 lb of kibble! Isn't that exciting?

Feeding furry friends with clicks!

When you give your daily click, you are helping feed so many animals all over the United States! Last month, you supported animals in Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

Every single animal welfare organization that participated last month will be receiving a donation of 110 lb of pet food! It is amazing how much a simple click per day can do!

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Voice November 2023 campaigns ended

Want to know how the Voice program works?

  1. Every day during the entire month of December, you can click on the "Click to give" button to help the participating organizations raise clicks for kibble. It is not necessary to create a Yummypets account to click. However, if you have a Yummypets account, your clicks are doubled! The best part is that it is free to click and show your support!
  2. If the organizations reach 100% by the end of the month, they receive 165 lb of kibble for the animals in their care!

Which organizations are participating in December?

Meows For A Home Corporation

Meows For A Home Corporation helps save as many cats as they can and helps the overpopulation. They also try to educate people with the knowledge they know.

Meows For A Home Corporation campaign

Midwest Pug Rescue

Midwest Pug Rescue was founded in 1999. Their mission is to rescue and adopt pugs and other dogs.

Midwest Pug Rescue campaign

Feline Solutions Inc.

Feline Solutions Inc. is a small cat rescue that is foster based in York county PA. They strive to get friendly cats off the streets and into homes, while encouraging TNR for true ferals, as well as education and support for colony caretakers for ferals. They pride themselves in educating the public on the importance of spay and neuter, and they believe every single cats life matters. They are strictly donation based and rely on the support of their amazing community members to help them save lives because "every one counts".

Feline Solutions Inc. campaign

Love Your Feral Felines

Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) is a non-profit rescue organization devoted to giving cats and kittens a second chance at life. Supporting San Diego County and surrounding areas, their organization focuses on saving the most at-risk felines from their local shelters’ euthanasia lists. The cats and kittens they save are deemed unadoptable due to age, health, behavior, and the shelter’s inability to meet their level of care. Aside from one part-time, weekend employee, LYFF is entirely volunteer-run, from the director and coordinator levels to event staff and transporters.

Love Your Feral Felines campaign

Look who received kibble!

Presents for Paws

Presents for Paws participated in the Voice program in October 2023. So many dogs and cats were fed with this kibble!

Are you an animal welfare organization?

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