In the United States, prisoners and pets are put together in jail, and the results are outstanding!

The Operations Goal

The goal of this operation is to help cats and dogs find a permanent home and at the same time the prisoners get some joy and peace from the animals.

As there are many shelters which are full, abandoned pets go to live in jails. There, they are spoiled by the prisoners and they all help each other out.

Good Results

The program started in 2010 in men’s jails, and the project was a huge success. Over 200 dogs found a home during that time! As it was doing so well, in October 2013 the program was extended to put cats and dogs in women’s jails as well.

On the different jails websites and Facebook pages, the public can follow the various dogs to see how they are doing and to possibly adopt them.

What do you think of this program?

Credit: Jaildogs 


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