This amazing story proves how strong a bond between a dog and its owner can be, and also just how clever dogs are! Raia rescued her owner, 82-year-old Rimma Bulatova, after they got lost walking in the woods near Rimma’s East Aurora, New York home.

A Walk in the Woods Gone Wrong

Raia was adopted by Rimma, but not only did Rimma rescue Raia, the pup rescued her owner as well. While they were out for a walk in the woods, the weather turned bad and Rimma realised that she was lost. They had been wandering around for a long time and she had no idea how to get home. It was raining and storming and Rimma realised that she was in trouble.

Raia to the Rescue

Too tired to carry on walking, Rimma told Raia, in Russian, to go and get help. The clever dog understood her and ran home as fast as she could in the bad weather. She waited on the family porch until someone realised something was wrong. Luckily Raia knew exactly what to do! Rimma’s family phoned the police after they realised she was missing, and they were soon out looking for her.

A Happy Ending

Later that evening, Rimma was found in the woods. She was unharmed, but just a little cold from the rain. While Rimma is at home resting, the very brave Raia is getting all the applause she deserves. A family member of Rimma’s said: “She never received any special training but she’s just smart.”

We bet Raia will be getting many treats from her owner in the future for saving her life!

Source: The Dodo

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