It's incredible to learn that cats have 32 muscles in each of their ears, so it comes as no surprise that they have such phenomenal hearing. But let's take a look at what cat's ears are trying to tell us!

Cats can swivel their ears up to 180 degrees – how cool is that?! But something that’s just as special is their ability to communicate their feelings to you through their ears.

If you pay special attention to your both your cat’s ears and their mannerisms, it can help to strengthen the relationship and trust between you. Here’s what to look for...

1. 'I’m relaxed'

Your cat’s ears will face forward when she is relaxed, or be slightly tilted back. It may also be slightly swivelled to the side. You’ll notice this when your cat is content in your presence – possibly while lying on your lap.

chat allongé blasé

2. 'I’m curious'

When your cat is curious, her ears will stand up tall or swivel from side-to-side to gather more information about the source of the sound. This is your cat assessing and learning more about the current situation of their environment.

chat ragdoll fenêtre

3. 'I’m anxious or nervous' 

At the sign of threat, your cat’s ears will turn backwards and lie flat against her head. The flatter the ears, the more anxious or scared your cat is. Be sure to keep an eye on your cat to determine if she’s feeling any of these emotions to see if you're able to help!

chat roux blanc peur

4. 'I’m aggressive'

This is perhaps the most important mannerism to take note of because disregarding it can result in injury to you or your kitty. So how do you determine if your fur friend is feeling angry? Her ears will be flat against her head, but turned out to the side. When a cat is angry or aggressive she’ll be both scared (flattened ears), and alert (ears forward).

chat tabby gris énervé

5.  'I’m confused'

Sometimes your cat won’t be able to determine how she feels about a situation or environment immediately. You’ll likely notice that her ears will perk up and face forward, only to lie flat again seconds later. This will stabilise when she determines her mood – just give her a second!

chat british shorthair gris

Have you noticed the different ways your cat's ears move?

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