English photographer Tim Flach has created a touching photo series showcasing endangered animals.

From his website, it is clear that Flach has a real interest in animals, particularly their connection with the humans. His work focuses on themes of anthropomorphism (attribution of human characteristics to non-human beings or objects) and anthropocentrism (the belief that mankind is the most important element of existence).

Photographs of endangered species

According to his website bio, Flach's work aims to “promote discussion and debate”. Let us know what you think of the photos and themes in the comments below!

Snow leopard

panthère des neiges

Red panda

panda roux

Indian Gharial

gavial du Gange

Yunan Snub Nosed Monkey

rhinopithecus bieti

Military Macaw

ara militaire

Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

rhinopithèque de roxellane

Proboscis Monkey


Pied tamarin

tamarin bicolore



Beluga Sturgeon

huso huso

Giant panda




Philippine eagle

pithécophage des philippines

northern white rhinoceros

rhinocéros blanc du nord

Egyptian vulture


Lemur Leaf Frog

agalychnis lemur

Western Lowland Gorrilas


Photos credit: Tim Flach

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    Max T Breaks my heart to see some of the animals that we are destroying