Congratulations are in order for Mochi, the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest dog tongue. And boy is it long!

Guinness World Record holder for longest dog tongue

Mochi, an 8-year-old St. Bernard from South Dakota, has been crowned the Guinness World Record holder for the longest dog tongue.

Mochi's tongue measures a whopping 18.58cm! Although this isn’t the longest dog tongue in history, it puts him at the top of today's leader board.

The all time record is currently held by deceased Boxer, Brandy, whose tongue was reportedly a staggering 43cm long!

Mochi, the family dog

Mochi lives a luxuriously sloppy life with his favourite humans, Carla and Craig Rickert. The Rickerts adopted him from rescue centre Big Dogs Huge Paws in Colorado. Big Dogs Huge Paws specialises in the rescue of large breed dogs where the Rickerts experienced "love at first sight" on meeting Mochi.

While Mochi lives a happy go-lucky life, he sometimes runs into trouble with his long tongue. Breathing troubles and extra slobber are two of his bigger issues, while also getting unwanted items such as dirt, dust, mud and leaves caught up in his tongue.

But aside from that, the Rickerts say that Mochi is a very humble and loving pooch with proud parents to boot! We're certainly not surprised. Go Mochi!

How does your dog's tongue stack up?

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