The perfect birthday present came in the form of a cat. Since turning 103, Lillian and her new fur friend have been inseparable.

A second chance for Marley and a birthday present for Lillian

Marley was dropped off at St. George Animal Shelter in Utah, USA about seven weeks ago. An extremely cuddly cat, she was looking for a new home where she'd receive plenty of affection.

With Lillian's 103rd birthday coming up, Debbie Presland, administrator of the assisted living facility where Lillian is based, wanted to do something special for the centenarian.

"Last week when I asked Lillian what she'd like for her birthday, her reply was to have a cat again," Debbie said.

"Lillian's cat Sammy passed away a couple of years ago and she's missed her dearly."

So that same day, Debbie Presland went to the St. George Animal Shelter looking for a cat to keep Lillian company. In doing so, Debbie was also giving a shelter cat a second chance.

An extraordinary birthday

The shelter knew straight away that Marley would be the perfect pet for Lillian having come from a quiet and loving home. They even waived the adoption fee and made a care package to go with Marley.

Lillian's family had also indicated that they would be ready to take Marley if needed.

Come D-Day, Lillian was thrown a wonderful birthday party where part way through she was given her birthday present from Debbie and the assisted living facility - Marley.

"Her reaction was priceless and brought tears to my eyes," Debbie said.

A thrilled Lillian didn't want to put Marley down and was clearly in love with her new fur friend. In turn, Marley snuggled in to Lillian and purred loudly.

"She is certainly one very happy lady and you can tell Marley loves her new adopted momma," Debbie said."

The two have been inseparable ever since!

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