A woman stole an expensive $700 Sphynx kitten from a pet shop in Quebec and didn’t realise that the whole thing was caught on camera!

She has since come forward and paid for the kitten after the footage of her stealing the cat went viral.

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

The pet store where the incident occurred, called Bill et Bull, decided to take matters into their own hands instead of going to the police first. They decided to put the video of the woman on Facebook, hoping that she would do the right thing and give the cat back or pay for it.

“A payment or return is requested by December 23. Otherwise we will notify the authorities,” the owners wrote on their page.

Video Goes Viral

The pet shop owner, Sylvie Boisvert, did not think that their video would be watched by so many people and get the attention that it did. The footage was watched over 300,000 times! The woman was bound to see the video and request of the owners and she ended up doing the right thing.

Lessons Learnt

The woman went to the pet store and paid for the cat, as she really wanted to keep it. She promised to give the cat a good life and felt very bad about what she had done. The pet shop owners don’t hold a grudge anymore, but were more worried about the health and safety of the kitten.

“We have respected our commitment by not pressing charges. We believe she has learnt her lesson. Happy holidays!” Bill et Bull wrote on Facebook.

Source: The Dodo

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