It was a glacial morning and the sun had not yet risen when Brad, torch in hand, inspected his train...

The touch of destiny

The train had stopped at Wainwright on a Sunday morning. Slater, a conductor for the Canadian National Railway was shivering, so cold was it.

A sound came from one of the motors, but no one else heard it. It was a cry of distress and sadness...

At first, Slater thought that someone had hidden beneath the train. He went to look, and found that it was in fact a cat.

"He was there, under the motor, near the wheels, almost frozen solid," explained Slater. "I immediately called the engineer and he came immediately, thinking the worst - he thought I'd found something else.


Nearly frozen to death

"There was no way I could leave him, so I took him onto the train with us," said Slater.

Slater thought that the cat, who was covered in ice, would be too fragile to be able to move on his own. After all, the train had only stopped for 20 minutes. The cat had had time to jump up and escape if he wanted to.


"I thought that he had been beaten or that someone had scared him. But the moment I said "Come here!" he jumped into my arms. Once on board, the cat, who they named Q1999 after the train he was found under, was attracted to the meat and water, as he was starving.

Q1999 fell in love with Slater - he waited for him and didn't want to do anything other than spend time with him. Unfortunately, Slater, with his nomadic job, couldn't adopt Q1999.


The story of this cat was shared, and it was discovered that Q1999 was in fact Tiger, the lost cat of a family in Saskatchewan.

A sad story with a happy ending - everything is well with Tiger now!

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