Cotton was a stray, blind cat who was saved by non-profit rescue centre Animal Friends Project. And then he opened his eyes...

Cotton was rescued with his eyes closed and had been blind for as long as rescuers at Animal Friends Project could guess. But when he finally opened his eyes, everyone was surprised by what they discovered…

Cotton roamed the streets of Royal Palm Beach

When Cotton the cat was found on the streets of Royal Palm beach, he was in a piteous state.

The man who spotted Cotton said that he came out of nowhere. He appeared and started to eat from the food bowl of the man's own cat. He seemed famished, as if he had not eaten for several days.

The man decided to share a post on Facebook, asking if anyone could come to help Cotton the blind cat.

chat cotton

chat cotton

chat cotton

Scabies made Cotton a blind cat

After having seen the post about Cotton, Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, came for the cat. She immediately took him to the vet who confirmed that aside from being severely dehydrated and malnourished,  he also had scabies.

The infection was the reason why Cotton was unable to open his eyes, and had everyone believing he was blind.

Despite the infection, and bad shape Cotton was in, it didn't stop his loving nature shining through. "He was purring the whole time the vet examined him," said Carmen. It's obvious that Cotton just wanted some love and affection!

Carmen decided to do whatever was necessary to get the "blind cat" back on his paws.

chat cotton

chat cotton

Cotton unveils his beautiful eyes... with a twist!

After a long treatment for his scabies, Cotton was finally able to open his eyes.

"He slowly gained weight. His fur started to grow. It was a big surprise for everyone to discover that in fact he has mismatched eyes!" said Carmen.

It turned out that Cotton had one blue and one green eye. A magnificent combo in our honest opinion!

Thanks to Carmen's efforts, Cotton was given a new lease on life and able to once again show off his beautiful eyes.

chat cotton

chat cotton

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What do you think of Cotton's story? Have you ever adopted a cat from a shelter?

Source and image credits: Bored Panda

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