Elsa, the beautiful kitten, got her name a year ago after she was rescued from almost freezing in very cold temperatures. She was named after the popular character from Disney’s Frozen, and we think the name suits her perfectly!

A Kitten Found

Just more than a year ago, in November 2014, Elsa was rescued by the Dumb Friends League. They had found her in very cold temperatures, near death. They managed to save the then 4-month-old kitten by using heating pads and a hairdryer to warm her up.


Elsa’s Recovery

She was in a critical condition and unresponsive; her body temperature was so low that it wouldn’t even register on a thermometer! Elsa’s story made headlines and now a year on, the cat is doing very well!

Elsa is happy and loved in her new home. We do love rescue stories that end well!

Source: 9 News

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