The drama took place at the edge of Ferndale Lake in South Carolina in the United States. While peacefully walking her dog, a 45 year old woman was attacked by an alligator.

Attacked by an alligator while on a walk with her dog

According to witnesses, the 45 year old woman was walking her dog by Ferndale Lake in South Carolina when a 2.5 meter alligator started to attack her dog. Trying to save her pet, the brave woman found herself being pulled into the lagoon by the reptile and then died, even with the intervention a policeman. A father and his son were witnesses at the scene.

Following the horrific ordeal, the local authorities asked the inhabitants of the region to be very careful while being in the proximity of the area. The alligator activity is in fact higher during this period of the year, with the temperature of the water being warmer.

Alligator attacks are not so rare in the United States. Another woman, aged 47, was attacked in Florida while walking her dogs. Sadly, she did not survive.

Source: BFM TV

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