When we get to old age, every day is a treat. We know as we watch elderly humans, that they value every moment that they have on this earth, and so should we. We all wish we could be as lucky as Sarah, a cat who reached the magnificent age of 33, dying just short of being named the oldest cat to have lived according to the Guinness World Records.

Sarah lived a wonderful life in a church in New Zealand, living with her mother Fleur Ford. Fleur adopted Sarah from her neighbours who moved. At the time, the files recorded that Sarah’s birth date was in March 1982.

The World's Oldest Cat

Just three days before Sarah could be named as the world's oldest cat, she passed away. Her long life was a wonderful one, as you can see in the video below. Her parent Fleur had nothing but love for her.

In a church in New Zealand a cat named Sarah died at the age of 33, a few days before getting the record of being the oldest cat in the Guinness Records.

Slight Health Issues

According to reports, despite small orientation and hearing problems, Sarah was very healthy all the way till the end and she followed a strict diet for cats with kidney problems. Her death was the result of heart failure.

Keeping Sarah became an incredible cost for Fleur as she would need to keep the heater on day in day out to make certain the Sarah was kept warm, and her diet became tough to keep up with too. You can imagine this to be a terrific feat for a pensioner.

Fleur showed incredible love for Sarah and refused to travel to far as she didn’t want to be too far away from her favourite cat in the whole world.

The Same Vet

Sarah has also had the same vet for nearly 21 years, which could also be the reason she has lived so long. Heather Mills, the veterinarian, sent Sarah her first birthday card all of 21 years ago.

“Apart from some heart and kidney problems, Sarah was in really good health for her age,” remembers Heather. “It’s not very often that a cat lives to be this old. It’s very unusual.”

A Peaceful Death

Fleur explains that Sarah died exceptionally peacefully in the arms of the vet, Mills, with both her and her husband by her side. Fleur remembers that it was beautiful, adorable and incredibly dignified.

She cries every time she thinks about it.

 The following video was filmed during the interview to The Press in 2013, and we see Sarah and her mom Fleur, a beautiful moment.

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