After being used for scientific experiments in France for several years, two monkeys called Simba and Abraham were transferred to one of the largest reclassification centres in Belgium. Hopefully now they will have a second chance at a happy life!


Thanks to GRAAL (Group of Reflection and Action for Animals) and the 30 Millions d’Amis (30 Million Friends) foundation, both the macaques monkeys were able to leave the laboratory they were kept at. These two were experimented on for respectively seven and five years!

The French laboratory contacted animal advocates in December 2013, asking them if they were interested in retrieving the animals at the end of the tests. The laboratory and other animal welfare organizations have been corresponding for ten years now to allow the animals to start a new life instead of being euthanized.

The Reintegration 

The next step at the reclassification centre is the reintegration of the monkeys with their peers. Let’s hope that the laboratories will stop experimenting on animals altogether!

Source: 30 Million d’Amis

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

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